Dr. Kim M.D, Ph.D, who is head director of Mentor Lab through her clinical instructor service at University hospital as associate professor, she is mainly studying for special diseases relating to the emotional disorder and stressful alopecia as well as trichotillomania. Her research paper on trichotillomania published on SCIE journal, and posters were exhibited on several international conferences; AACAP annual meeting at New York, USA and ASCNP at Koyto, Japan. At the first time, she researched on pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral treatment with above disorders as a specialized psychiatrist. Her psychiatric treatment’s outcome were successful, but at the same time, patients had need of dermatologic treatment for their hair. Without treatment for alopecia, still patients had low self-esteem and were isolated from outside of world because of their hair loss. This hair problems made hard for maintaining psychiatric success. For total treatment as whole personal care, something good products for hair were needed for the best results. Dr. Kim decided to establish research center for self-care tools for hair at patient’s home with Mentor Clinic.


Mentor Clinic was the head office among 39 Clinics in Korea which were treating Alopecia. At first time, Mentor Clinic had responsibility on selecting good tools for Alopecia patients which was high quality with effective costs in 2007. Mentor Clinic was supported by few leading functional hair shampoo companies, and purchased few famous functional hair shampoos in the market. Above 70 functional hair shampoos were testing for clinical research. We compared their mechanisms, functions, ingredients, fragrance, bubble size, patient’s satisfaction and costs. Surprisingly, above 70 famous functional shampoos were not very satisfactory as treatment tool for ‘super-sensitive scalp–sensitive patients.’ Some shampoos had somewhat anti-hair loss function, but for longer usage, patients had side effects on scalp;too dry scalp, hard to remain hair perm, hard to express hair dye, itching sensation. In clinically, there were fewer or no new hair growth observed and not enough anti-hair loss function for longer follow-up; 8wks, 6mos, 1yr follow-up. Finally, there were no satisfaction on comparing research.


So medical doctors and Ph.Ds in Mentor Clinic decided to make brand new shampoo for the best result. So Mentor Clinic started collaborative research with Seoul National University laboratory for the new patent substance for alopecia. This movement is foundation of Mentor Lab. Finally, high quality shampoo was made after 42 months of research by Mentor Clinic, Seoul National University laboratory and KADAS(Korean Association of Dermatology & Alopecia Specialists). Mentor Lab was established by Mentor Clinic for further researching and purchasing shampoo and other hair products in 2010. BARAMO®(發芽毛)TM Shampoo and Scalp tonic launched in 2012, based on more than 42 months of substance extraction and about 7 years of clinical tests by Mentor Clinic. Mentor lab has patent substance based on research which is {Sophora Japonica flower extract and its composite for controlling generation of alopecia-inducing agent TRIKO-activeTM (Korea Patent Registration No. 10-0845786)}.


So far, BARAMO hair products received very good response by hair-loss patients, and there were no side effects nor complaints. Over 150 clinics, specialized in alopecia treatment in Korea use BARAMO hair products. And there was needs about sterilized solution for direct scalp treatment. Mentor Lab launched BARAMO Mogrox TM biological sterilized solution in 2013. Mentor Lab will launch new lines of BARAMO hair products; Scalp deep cleanser, Scalp serum, Hair pack, Hair essence in 2015.

Mentor Lab keep going researches on natural extracts for alopecia, so anybody, any age, any gender could use the products with safe and satisfaction. Mentor Lab stands for its outstanding hair products, BARAMO with faith and confidence. “All for hair, BARAMO.”


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